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Vista / Windows 7 Shadow copy drives me grazy!!

Aug 14, 2010 at 12:12 PM

The Fista (Vista) OS drives me grazy!

It seems that there are two versions of the same file at the same time at C:\Program Files\Microsoft StyleCop directory! (under MSBuild directory it seems to work ...)

When I open Settings.StyleCop (12 KB) using Notepad I see the (correct) version. But when I open it with Notepad++ or StyleCopSettingsEditor.exe I see a wrong (previous!?) version of the file:

<StyleCopSettings Version="4.3">
    <Analyzer AnalyzerId="Shuruev.StyleCop.CSharp.StyleCopPlus">
        <StringProperty Name="AdvancedNaming_Abbreviations">A B C 3D OK ID XXX</StringProperty>

But this are not 12 KILOBYTE!!

When I open Notepad++ as administrator I cannot use Drag&Drop to open the Settings.StyleCop file. But when I use File|Open I am able to open Settings.StyleCop and I see the correct version.

So it seems to me that I see different version of the same file when I open it as user or as administrator. For testing purpoes I grantet full rights to Settings.StyleCop to users and admins. No change in its behavior.

When I click the Settings.StyleCop it opens as user (I assume) and I see wrong/old settings...!

How to turn of the shadow copy / versioning  Fista nonsense for Settings.StyleCop?

Aug 26, 2010 at 7:12 PM