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StyleCop Settings Not working with ReSharper's Cleanup Code

Mar 13, 2012 at 6:39 AM


I'm currently facing an exact issue as this:

However i do not know who should i address this problem to. Fyi, i have turn off all the Documentation Rules (StyleCop) under the "Inspection Severity" section, but this only affect the warnings/indicators that is currently showing on the right-hand srollbar.

But my problem is to deal with the "Cleanup Code" in ReSharper (from the Context menu). Under the "Code Cleanup" section, i have created a Profile called "XYZ" and within that profile, i have also UN-TICK all options under StyleCop > Documentations. So after clicked Save button and re-open the options screen again, those settings/options is being ticked/enabled again (is it a bug from StyleCop or ReSharper? ). Whenever i run the Cleanup Code options and select Profile "XYZ", the ReSharper will automatically insert the header & comment to each method and properites which is something NOT i wish to see since i'm actually intended to turn off/uncheck all documentation rules. It SEEM like the Cleanup Code does not pick up the StyleCop settings which is being defined in the profile.

As a conclusion, the ReSharper can recognize or work with the StyleCop settings which is currently defined in "Inspection Severity" BUT not the settings in as defined under "Code Cleanup" > Profiles.

Can someone please help me on this.