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can't run stylecop on a single file anymore

Aug 15, 2012 at 8:26 AM

Hi all,

since recently when i klick Tools - Run StyleCop in VS2010 it tries to scan the whole solution.
It finally stops with ...

------ StyleCop 4.7 (build started ------

Pass 1:   Precitec.Common - \ServiceEntities\InstanzAttribute.cs
Pass 1:   Precitec.Common - \ServiceEntities\InstanzMessaufgabe.cs
------ StyleCop cancelled ------

because it reached 1000 Warnings.

I'm pretty sure it is something with my VS environment and not a bug in StyleCop!?
I tried to uninstall , "devenv /setup" , reinstall. Didn't help.

Anyone seen something similar ?