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StyleCop wants extra parenthesis, Resharper mars them as redundant

Sep 13, 2016 at 8:47 PM
For this line of code below StyleCop wants extra parenthesis
var endCount = this.mAuditRowsCount - this.dgAuditing.PageSize * (this.dgAuditing.CurrentPageIndex + 1);
when added ReSharper marks them as redundant (because they are)
var endCount = this.mAuditRowsCount - (this.dgAuditing.PageSize * (this.dgAuditing.CurrentPageIndex + 1));
so there seems to be a problem with StyleCop and parenthesis for the order of operations.

This is with version 4.7.54 of StyleCop and the resharper plugin (also version 4.7.54).