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HOW TO: Review a pull request

  • Create a local working folder like c:\dev\stylecop-#### - where #### is the bug number you are reviewing
  • Right-click your new working folder and do TortoiseHg->Clone from your stylecop-main folder
  • Open Hg Workbench on this new folder and click Syncronise. Enter the remote fork URL i.e. and then Synchronise->Pull
  • Right click on the topmost item and Merge, confirm all merged OK and Commit.
  • Open a cmd prompt and verifybuild.cmd. Should be no issues.
  • Review the fix.
  • If you change anything then commit those changes now. Right click your c:\dev\stylecop-#### folder and do Hg Commit
  • If OK
  1. Now push the changes from this folder to your main folder by clicking Sync and selecting your parent (main) folder and doing 'Push outgoing changesets'
  2. Open your cmd window in stylecop-main and pull the latest changes and update too.
  3. Now run verifybuild here.
  4. Now push your changes back up to the main branch on codeplex by right-clicking on your working folder and open Hg Repository Explorer
  5. Select Synchronize->Push (use your codeplex username and password)
  6. Go to codeplex site and accept the pull request as completed

If rejecting the change:
  1. Go to codeplex site and reject the request and explain why.
  • Delete the local stylecop-#### working folder

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