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HOW TO: Work on a bug

  1. Create a fork using the bug number
  2. Create a local working folder like c:\dev\stylecop-#### - where #### is the bug number
  3. Right-click your working folder and do TortoiseHg->Clone
  4. Use as the source - where @@@@ is your username
  5. Create a shortcut to '%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /k c:\Dev\stylecop-####\Project\Environment.cmd' on your desktop
  6. open this cmd window
  7. run verifybuild.cmd
  8. All should work fine
  9. Implement your fix and include any new tests/test data.
  10. Confirm verifyBuild.cmd still works.
  11. Right click your c:\dev\stylecop-#### folder and do Hg Commit (this commits the changes to your local Hg repository)
  12. Now push your changes back up to the fork on codeplex by right-clicking on your working folder and open the TortoiseHg sub-menu
  13. Select Synchronize->Push (use your codeplex username and password)
  14. Now go to codeplex site and submit a pull request for your fork
  15. Assign the pull request to a project co-ordinator
  16. Update the bug status and add a comment that includes the submitted changeset(s)

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