SA0001 : CoreParser : An exception occurred while parsing the file: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception

Hello, I'm running latest StyleCop version with Visual Studio 2013, NCrunch 2.15 and Windows 8 64 bits. It works well but sometime I have this error. ..\version.cs (1, 1): SA0001 : CoreParser ...

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SourceFileList SourceFile entries do not allow path specification

Request Allow project relative paths as SourceFile values in order to modify applied StyleCop rules for specific files. Description SourceFile values are compared only against the file names of...

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SA1600/SA1602 incorrect for "enum" with default scope.

An "enum" with default scope is implicit "internal". However, StyleCop treats it like it is public and hench causes SA1600/SA1602, which disapears if the scope "internal" is specified explicit. S...

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StyleCop Rules Guide contains headings but no actual content

The StyleCop Rules Guide (StyleCop.chm) appears to contain headings but no actual content.

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Cannot Use C# 6.0 features

My team wants to leverage the C# 6 features which light up with the Visual Studio 2015 RC. Are there any plans to have StyleCop support these features? Examples which break the StyleCop parser o...

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Cannot Use MSBuild Task On Vanilla Windows 10

Attempting to use the MSBuild task on a vanilla Windows 10 machine results on the following error: The "StyleCopTask" task could not be loaded from the assembly StyleCop.dll. Could not load file or...

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Unable to Suppress SA1200 or SA1208

I have tried adding the supression message found in the documenation, but I continue to receive warnings for these rules.

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Add EventHandler TokenType Support

We have naming guidelines for event handlers on my team and it would be super convenient to have an EventHandler TokenType in StyleCop to write those custom rules against. At the moment I have to ...

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VS 2013 crashes if solution contains 'unloaded' projects

I have solution with several projects. If I unload some of them (right click and 'Unload Project' in Solution Explorer window) and then run StyleCop check on other files/project (and violations are...

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Custom rules not picke dup wth 4.7.49

Recently downloaded Style cop latest version 4.7.49. I created some cusotm rules and palced DLL's with the XML embedded to DLL in Stylecop folder. After when open the Stylecop settigns unable to se...

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